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natuurlijk vrede op aarde aan alle mensen van goede en slechte wil. En zonder veel ambras... tot volgend jaar0002klokjes0009 en veel vrolijke dagen tot ziens en surf eens http://www.santaclauslive.com/main.php?link=joulupukin_kammari&kieli=eng******* Dear van walleghem gillis,Warmest thanks for your letter. I was really pleased to hear from you.I'll be going through your letter with my elves and making a precise note of everything in the big Korvatunturi books. My scribe elves are very careful and hard-working, and they write down every single request. It may not always be possible to meet every request at once, but the main thing is for everything to be recorded.The scribe elves then issue instructions to the workshop elves, telling them what presents to make for you and other children. Then when the presents are ready, the quick dispatch elves do them up in beautiful fancy parcels. They are then ready and waiting for the big, exciting feast of Christmas.As you can well imagine, we're almost rushed off our feet here at Korvatunturi with Christmas only just round the corner. The elves have 101 things to see to. Sometimes they're so busy that they have to be reminded to come and eat the Missis' steaming porridge. But she makes sure they take their porridge breaks. Which is just as well, because no one can work well on an empty tummy. The elves may tire at a crucial moment.Thank you for your letter. I'll pass it on to the scribes straight away so that the workshop can start on your presents.My warmest greetings to you, your family and friends. I do hope you enjoy the run-up to Christmas. And since Christmas will be upon us before we even realise, I join with all of us here at Korvatunturi in wishing youA very merry Christmas Santa Claus ***

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